Advent Writing Exercises – Day 23: December 23th

Fight the cold weather by building an inferno of great ideas. Kindle your fire with a great opening line and be as imaginative as you can. Stoke the fires of invention with every line you write until ideas glow off the page.



Advent Writing Exercises – Day 20: December 20th

Have a look through any of your old writing and choose a piece to rewrite in the New Year. If you can’t find anything that you want to work on, think about what stories or poems you really want to tell and write a short paragraph about the new piece of writing you’re going to start next year.

Advent Writing Exercises -Day 18: December 18th

Put on your iPod shuffle, switch on the radio or choose a CD at random, and start writing about the next song you hear. Let its rhythm be your momentum – try to capture the mood the song puts you in, even if it’s anger or sadness.

Advent Writing Exercises – Day 17: December 17th

Take something you overheard (perhaps from yesterday’s exercise) and write a story or poem around it. Don’t be afraid to take it completely out of context and have fun!