Advent Writing Exercises – Day 3: December 3rd

Write a haiku about wrapping or unwrapping presents. 

If you’re not sure how to write a Haiku, here’s a little guide from the BBC:

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Advent Writing Exercises – Day 2: December 2nd

While you’re writing your Christmas cards, write an imaginary one from a villain’s mother to her wicked child.


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Advent Writing Exercises – Day 1: December 1st

Take only five minutes to write whatever comes to mind, starting with this line:

“I’m glad that’s all he gave me.”


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The Advent of a Seasonal Workshop 2008

It’s that time of year again – love it or hate it, Christmas is on its way. Already the streets appear to be bursting with manic shoppers and fake Father Christmases. But help is at hand for busy writers because this month I’ve created an advent of writing exercises – primarily for users of the Gatehouse Community (, but (as my friend Candy wanted an RSS version for a website) also for readers of this blog!

Every day for the next 24 days I will have short and simple writing exercises to give your creative spirits a boost during the stresses of the season. So whether you’re queuing for a last-minute bargain, partially wrapped in paper by mistake, or building a fiendish trap to capture Father Christmas, have a go at each day’s exercises. When you’re done, why not share your response as a comment or log-on to the Gatehouse community (

Enjoy! – Benjamin Scott